Eldercare Questionnaire

Eldercare Employer Questionaire / Job Profile

  • Duties:
  • Level Of Function

  • Both Employers and Workers have rights and responsibilities under the provincial Employment Standards Act. All placements made through Trafalgar Personnel Limited follow the guidelines of this legislation and all guarantees are based on the premise that these regulations have been followed. Although there must be room for flexibility in In-Home Care placements, only those whose Job Offers meet these guidelines will be accepted as potential clients by Trafalgar Personnel Limited. We expect both Employers and their Caregivers to treat each other fairly and with respect, as well as to maintain open communication lines so that they can work together in finding solutions to any problems that may arise. We are here to provide guidance and support, whenever needed, throughout the entire placement. We also promise to provide a service of unparalleled excellence ! Questionnaires and ISF Registration Fees paid are valid for a maximum 6 month period.
  • Services and Fees: ( Fee effective August 1,2017)

  • Initial Search Fee (ISF) to register and begin a search: $113.00(inc of HST)

    (Non refundable & valid for a maximum of 6 months unless there have been less than 3 possible candidates for interview)

    Exception: No ISF payable in advance for Part Time Positions of less than 20 hours per week. If we are able to find suitable candidates for interview, the ISF will be payable upon placement OR prior of arangement of an interview for a third possible candidate, whichever comes first.

    PLACEMENT FEES (Effective August 1st 2017):

    CAREGIVERS on Work Visa( Local & Overseas ) on a Work Permit. : Full Service Contract $1900 + HST *An additional $500.00 is payable directly to our Paralegal IF Third Party Representation is required to obtain BN / complete a Job Bank Posting / act as your representative ect.

    LOCAL LIVE-IN or OUT ( Canadians, Permanent Residents & those on Open Work Permit ) : Full Service Contract: 4 weeks Gross Wages to max. of $2800.00 + HST except for House Managers: to a maximum $3500.00.


    *FACILITATION: $1200.00 + ($1500.00 If third party representation required and paid directly to our paralegal.)


    Upon acceptance of our Agency, please complete the enclosed application form. All fees are valid 15 days and subject to change.

    Should you choose to directly hire any applicant introduced to you through Trafalgar Personnel Limited within 12 months of that introduction, all placement fees will be due and payable as per our current Agency Policies & Fee Schedule.

    All Fees are valid for 15 days and subject to change. * NB. There is a 3% surcharge on all Credit Card payments. *Add this here and delete after Credit Card. Also smaller space between choices of payment and the sentence We take all reasonable

    Should you wish to register with Trafalgar Personnel Limited and have us begin a search on your behalf, please check the box indicating how you will be forwarding your ISF Registration fee.

    We take all reasonable care with technically and in practice, while handling your personal information to ensure its security.
  • *There is a 3% surcharge on all credit card payments.
  • Trafalgar Personnel Ltd. will not disclose your private information to any third party other than potential caregivers, except if required to do so by law, or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with legal process, respond to claims, or to protect the rights, property of all parties.

    We take all reasonable care, both technically and in practice, while handling your personal information to ensure its security.

  • Please Note: The Agency reserves the right to refuse any order that it feels is not fair or reasonable, does not meet Employment Standard guidelines, and/or does not meet the standard of the Agency. If an order is refused, the initial search fee will be returned immediately.

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Childcare $11.54/hr.

Eldercare $13.91/hr.

Wages for caregivers on a work permit are now based on


for the region of the province in which they work.


Check : ESDC Website

At Camp CanAqua in Halliburton
June 16 – 18, 2017.

Au Pairs on Cultural Exchange placements are another option to meet your childcare needs!