Effective Dec. 1st, 2014, Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) has established a new CAREGIVER WORK VISA Program. This program allows non nationals to come to Canada to work as caregivers through one of two different Pathways and also allows successful candidates the ability to apply for Permanent Resident Status after completing 2 years. The government promises to fast track those applications so Permanent Resident Status will be received in approximately 6 months after applying if all criteria are met. The two Pathways available to applicants are:

1)  Caring for Children:   ELIGIBILITY

2)  Caring for People with High Medical Needs:   ELIGIBILITY

There is no LIVE-IN requirement for Canada’s Caregiver Work Visa Program.  However, IF an Employer wishes to hire someone on a LIVE-IN basis for Child OR High Medical Needs Care and a Caregiver agrees to working on a Live-In, then that position will be validated as a Live-In position. When room and board is provided by the employer, it must be at NO cost to the foreign caregiver, as per the policy under the TFWP.

Criteria for the Foreign Worker “CAREGIVER” Program, have increased for both Employer Families and Caregiver applicants. Caregiver applicants are assessed by the Immigration department of the Canadian foreign mission overseas which will be processing their paperwork. It is a full Immigration and Employment program and NOT to be confused with our “International Experience Canada”  Working Holiday or Youth Mobility Visa cultural exchange program for young adults.

EDUCATION & LANGUAGE SKILLS criteria have both increased. Each pathway has its own language and education requirements. For detailed information on these requirements, visit: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/tools/language/agencies.asp


  • Travel Costs: Employers of foreign Workers on a CAREGIVER work visa are required to pay the transportation costs for bringing their caregivers to Canada  In the instance where foreign caregivers are already in Canada on an LCP or Caregiver work permit, employers are responsible for paying to relocate them to the location of work (where caregiving will take place) at no cost to the caregiver.
  • Workplace Safety: Employers of foreign live-in caregivers are now required to enrol their caregivers in provincial Workplace Safety Insurance Board plan (WSIB), or comparable insurance if the former is not available. This must be done at no cost to the caregiver. Employers are not permitted to recoup these costs from live-in caregivers.
  • Health InsuranceEmployers of foreign caregivers working in Canada on a Caregiver Work Visa, are responsible for paying for their caregiver’s health insurance at no cost to the caregiver until he/she becomes eligible for provincial health coverage. Employers are not permitted to recoup these costs from live-in caregivers.
  • Paid VacationsTwo weeks per year at employer convenience after one year, or 4% of gross salary;
  • Statutory Holidays: In Ontario, nine paid statutory holidays per year;
  • Wages:  Employers must refer to the median wage published on Job Bank to determine the prevailing wage.  The hourly wage varies depending on the type of care you need and the region of the province you live in..
  • Ability to Function: Applicants must be able to function independently in a home setting.
  • Check out the 4 following government websites for further information on the Canadian program.

1) Citizenship & Immigration Canada: CIC

2) ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) 

Canadian Employers apply to ESDC to obtain a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) in order to begin the visa process for their Foreign Worker ‘Caregiver’. ESDC Website

3) Visa Application Centers: VAC

4) Biometrics: Biometrics (fingerprints and photograph)



Age: minimum 18 yrs.
Education: Equivalency of successful completion Canadian Grade 12 PLUS one year full time university/college. (Applicants educated in the Philippines will need  successful completion of 4 years of University/College studies.) 
Language Skills: For Non English mother tongue applicants : Proof that you have paid for and have received confirmation from IELTS of a date to sit your test, or valid  ILETS  certification, must be received AFTER pre-approval of the initial screening of your e-mailed documentation when you return your completed application form. This is NOT required for the initial screening of your application when you submit the initial documents required by e-mail.
Experience: Minimum 1-2 years full time paid employment related to the caregiving “Pathway” chosen, completed within three years immediately prior to the day on which the caregiver submits their application for a work permit. 
References: Excellent work related letters of reference and Reference Check Reports.  Please note that Trafalgar Personnel does contact present/previous employers directly to obtain Reference Check Reports . The only exception would be present employers if an applicant feels it would jeopardize  their current employment situation.  However, in that case, there must be at least 1 excellent Reference Check Report on file, for a minimum of  1 – 2 years related experience,  from at least one previous employer.
Ability to Function: Applicants must be able to function independently in a home setting.



Trafalgar Personnel Limited is accepting a limited number of overseas applications for the new Caregiver Program. We are hesitant about accepting applications from countries where the posted processing times for work permits/visas exceed 5-6 month because our Employer clients usually need a caregiver to arrive in 3-6 months. It also takes about 1 month for an Employer to receive a positive LMIA after they know who they wish to hire. However, we will consider all applicants IF they have excellent experience & references which can be validated as well as IELTS level 5 and above. Unfortunately we have minimal knowledge of French in this office and thus do not normally place in Quebec.

TO REGISTER with Trafalgar Personnel Ltd., PLEASE forward the following information by e-mail:

     1) A basic CV including the following information :

  • a) Name, photo (passport size) , current address & e-mail address , and highest level of Education successfully completed, all listed on 1 page.
  • b) Summary of what you have been doing for the past 5 years minimum. –  ALL Care related Employment must be included noting if it was paid or volunteer work, the name, address, and contact information for each employer, dates of employment (start date & completion date), brief job description & hours of work.
  • c) Interests/voluntary work

2) Reference letter(s) validating a minimum of 1.5 – 2 years care related employment within the past 3 years. The name, address & e-mail address must be noted on the letter(s) of reference, and they should be dated. *All references must be legally translated into English if they are written in any other language.

3) Copy of the Highest level of English language certification received. Most Embassy VAC centres now require IELTS certification to verify language skills. If you are a citizen of & were educated in a country where the national language is NOT English (or French in certain cases), confirmation you have paid for and received a specific date to sit the IELTS  test must be forwarded LATER, with your completed application form.

4) IF Applicable, a copy of your valid Drivers licence.

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT send partial information. All information will be kept for 6 weeks only. If all information requested above is not received in that period of time , all documentation received will be discarded. Please scan documents and save as a PDF to e-mail to our office so that we will be able to open them. This office uses iMac computers.

Upon receipt of this information, your file will be screened by our staff. Those who we feel we have a good chance of placing will be mailed an application form to complete and return to this office along with;

1)  2 passport sized photos (smiling)

2)  2-3 casual photos (smiling) with children / elders, or friends / or alone

3)  NBI Clearance for applicants from the Philippines

4)  Copies of your diploma / degree and school transcripts (for highest level of education successfully completed only)

5)  “Dear Family” letter

6)  IELTS Certification OR the confirmation letter received from ILETS confirming receipt of payment and the date secured for you to sit the test.  For those who have obtained TOFLE certification, the Canadian government does NOT accept it as equivalent.

There are No fees payable for any of the applicants we forward applications to directly. All care related references will be checked and employers contacted, unless you are concerned about us contacting your current employer for fear of losing your job. However, please note that unless we can validate a minimum of 1.5 – 2 years experience within a 6 week period of receiving your completed application, your file will be cancelled.

Once an application is complete, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to complete a personal interview via Skype.

There are a few Agencies overseas which forward us screened files of potential applicants they have interviewed and screened. If we are unsure about your initial documentation received, but feel you might meet the criteria we are looking for IF a personal interview report was on file and references were checked by someone speaking a particular foreign language, we may direct you to one of those agencies. Most overseas agencies/consultants charge a fee, so it would be your decision, whether or not you decide to register with them. Trafalgar Personnel does NOT knowingly work with any agencies/consultants charging in excess of $600.00US for their services. However, although we have no control over the fees charged by any overseas agency, we would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any issues with any Agency we have recommended.

Applicants who have a current valid, clean driver’s licence for a minimum of 2 years, will be accepted with a minimum 1 year experience & positive references. Applicants who drive are always in demand. Also applicants who have completed the British NNEB/HNC 2 year college diploma will be accepted with NO full time paid experience IF they can provide a positive reference from their college tutor and have babysitting or volunteer childcare references on file.  The same is true for people with College diplomas related to Special Needs Care.

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Childcare $11.54/hr.

Eldercare $13.91/hr.

Wages for caregivers on a work permit are now based on


for the region of the province in which they work.


Check : ESDC Website

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