For Child & Elder Care

This program is for those needing more than 6 hours care/day for a short term. It is popular for situations when:

  • Parents go away on a weekend/short break/vacation etc. without their children
  • Parents are away on business trips & children require care at home
  • A child is ill and unable to go to school, but parents need to go to work
  • A parent is ill and unable to care for their child(ren) for a short period
  • Families are waiting for their TFWP Caregiver to arrive from overseas or for their local TFWP caregiver to obtain their new work permit.
  • Respite care is needed for a primary caregiver to take a break
  • Post surgical care when a patient returns home from hospital and needs support
  • When there is concern about a person or couple living on their own who may need to transition to Full or Permanent Part Time care. Short Term placements allow them to try out having someone working in their home, before deciding if live-in or live out care is the right solution for their needs.

Employer families pay a Placement Fee to the Agency upon receipt of Confirmation of Short Term Placement and pay the caregiver directly for the hours worked upon completion of the placement. This booking ensures the same caregiver for the entire time booked. HST is payable on the Agency Fee only.

Once we receive a Short Term Booking order, we will call to discuss possible candidates or if time permits, forward file summaries of available caregivers for consideration and you would decide who you would like to interview. Once the chosen caregiver is confirmed, we will forward our “Short Term Booking Confirmation”.

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Childcare $11.54/hr.

Eldercare $13.91/hr.

Wages for caregivers on a work permit are now based on


for the region of the province in which they work.


Check : ESDC Website

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June 16 – 18, 2017.

Au Pairs on Cultural Exchange placements are another option to meet your childcare needs!