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Long Term Placements :

  • In order to register with the Agency you must complete our on-line Questionnaire for the type of care / service required CHILDCARE or ELDERCARE or HOUSEKEEPING, and forward payment of the Initial Search / Registration Fee of $113.00 to our office by e-transfer, cheque or cash.
    Execption :No Initial Search Fee is payable in advance for Part Time Positions of 20 hours per week or less. If we are able to find suitable candidates for interview, the ISF will be payable upon placement OR prior to arrangement of an interview for a third possible candidate, whichever comes first.
  •  Obtain an Employer Business Number (BN) at : www.cra-arc.gc.ca if you don’t already have one.
  •  We will forward confirmation that your Questionnaire has been received by e-mail and contact you directly if we have any questions and to discuss possible options after reviewing your information. We will then forward file summaries of suitable candidates which match your needs.
  • IF you are looking to hire a Foreign Worker on the federal  CAREGIVER program, post your job on the National Job Bank at: www.jobbank.gc.ca  for a minimum 4 weeks, plus complete art least 2 other types of advertising.  The Agency also assists our registered  Employer Clients with posting and meeting the advertisement requirements of the program.   However, Trafalgar Personnel Limited does not act as “Third Party Representative”  for our Employer Clients.  If required, our Paralegal on staff is available to provide this service,  for an additional fee.
  • Personal interviews for local applicants will be arranged & / or contact information for overseas applicants you are interested in interviewing, will be forwarded to you. File Summaries all include the application form, reference letters and Reference Check Reports obtained directly between the Agency and previous / current employers as well as other documentation. Employer clients are welcome to contact previous / current employers if they are genuinely interested in possibly hiring them, prior to making a final decision.
  • Once you have selected a candidate, we will draw up an Offer of Employment / Agreement and forward it to you for correction. After the necessary changes are made, we will contact the nanny / caregiver / housekeeper to receive verbal acceptance prior to you coming into the office to sign the paperwork, pay the deposit fee and complete any other required paperwork. For those hiring a Caregiver on the work visa program, the Employer LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) application, 7 Page Contract , the new Schedule G form and Bedroom Description form are also required.
  • Your nanny / caregiver / housekeeper will sign 3 copies of the Offer / Agreement after the Employer has signed. You each keep a copy for your records with the 3rd copy remaining on file in the office.

Placement Fees vary depending on what type of placement is being made.Please contact our office for further information.

We have been in business since 1979 and are very proud of our 95% long term success rate on all placements . We take great care in matching our clients with potential employees for compatibility before forwarding file summaries to our Employer clients for consideration. We also ensure that both parties understand any government legislation pertinent to the job being offered. Knowing your rights and responsibilities up front saves a lot of headaches and problems down the road ! This is especially important for those involved with the federal  Caregiver program. We guarantee that all offers of employment are discussed thoroughly with each employer and are checked to ensure they meet provincial employment standards legislation and the federal ESDC / Services Canada guidelines on which the employer was approved.

Trafalgar Personnel Limited takes great pride in the excellent quality and thorough screening of all our applicants on file. Reference Check reports, obtained directly between the Agency and the applicants current / previous employers, are on each file summary for potential employers to view along with the letters of reference, ‘Dear Family’ letter, photos, interview notes and the completed application form. You are welcome to contact previous employers directly, should you wish to do so. Other documentation such as school transcripts/ diploma/ degree, driver’s licence, First Aid Certification etc. are all on the full file in our office.

We expect both employers and their caregivers to treat each other fairly and with respect, and to maintain open communication lines so that they can work together in finding solutions to any problems that may arise. We are here to provide guidance and support, whenever needed, throughout the entire placement.

PLAN AHEAD if you intend to hire an LCP Caregiver on the federal Caregiver work visa program ! Processing of Work Permit applications usually takes 2 to 6 months AFTER the LMIA  is received, depending on where the work permit is being processed. The process is exactly the same for local LCP & CAREGIVER applicants who are working in Canada and changing Employers. Their applications are processed through the national Case Processing Center in Vegreville, Alberta.

A 50% DEPOSIT PLACEMENT FEE (non-refundable) is payable IF you choose one of our candidates and make them a formal Job Offer which they accept either by phone or or e-mail . The Deposit payment is due when the Job Offer is signed by the Employer. For overseas applicants, deposit payment must be received prior to the offer being mailed overseas.

50% BALANCE PAYMENT is due 7 days after the written acceptance of the Job Offer is received, signed and dated, from the overseas applicant : or for local placements, by postdated cheque made payable for the last full working day prior to commencement of employment, whether part time, full time or casual.

We Offer a 9 Month Guarantee on our Full Service Contract.

(Free replacement if employment is terminated within the first 12 weeks, with a prorated guarantee from 13th week to end of 9th month)

Wages for those on a CAREGIVER Work Permit :

ESDC Central Processing Center in Downsview, Ontario, processes all Employer applications for Caregivers on a work permit . Minimum Wage  is set according to the Median Wage Rate listed on the National Job Bank website. Wages vary depending on the region and province where the work will be completed and for the category of employment under which the Caregiver is hired.

Hourly Rate. Wage guidelines are available for all provinces on the Job Bank website :


Others : CPP , EI & Income Tax deductions must be submitted to CRA monthly ( or Quarterly with CRA permission ) by the Employer along with the Employer’s share of CPP & EI.

Effective Dec. 1st, 2014, Employers can no longer require any CAREGIVER to Live – IN. However, if both parties agree to a live-in situation, there can be NO CHARGE to the caregiver for Room & Board. It is now deemed a free benefit.

Nannies / Caregivers who are Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents or on an Open Work Permit and accept a Live-In position, are usually looking for a slightly higher hourly wage that than set for those on a Work Permit – usually $2.00 – $3.00 / hr. more.

Live-Out Wages :

Childcare , Nanny / Housekeeper: $ 15 – $19 / hour ( single family employers).
Eldercare : $15.00 – $22.00 / hr.
Full Housekeeping : Cook /Housekeeper : $17 – $22 / hr.

House Manager : Annual or Monthly Salary – by mutual agreement between the Employer & Employee.

Student Summer Sitter Placements (College Students), Live-Out AuPairs and occasional Companion visitation jobs are $13 to $16./ hour.

Live–Out Wages depend on start / finish time, total number of hours required, training and recent experience, job description, total Gross Wage / day & / week, and travel time etc. The caregivers themselves will decide on what rate they are looking for once they understand the job description.

Short Term Placements :

Live–In and Live–Out– Agency Placement fee : $35.00 / day
(to a maximum $225.00 / 7 consecutive days ) plus HST.Caregivers are paid directly upon completion of placement, or weekly for longer placements.

Please Contact the Agency for more information. For Live-In positions, caregivers usually an hourly rate, capped at $150.00 to $200.00 / 24 hour period depending on the job. Short Term Booking confirmation forms are forwarded after you have had the opportunity to interview the candidate(s) and confirm a booking. Placement is usually on an Independent Professional basis whereby the caregiver is paid in full and is responsible for their own CRA deductions. Receipts for Tax purposes are available from both the Caregiver and the Agency for the full amount paid for the service.

Cancellation Policy:

On all Short Term bookings, a minimum of 7 days notice is required for cancellations or 20 % of the booked placement is due to the caregiver. The Agency Fee paid will be refunded to the family, minus a fee of $35.00 admin. Charge, once the caregiver receives any monies owing.

Note : Should any family choose to directly hire any caregiver introduced to them through Trafalgar Personnel Limited, for any of our placement programs, within a 1 year period, a placement fee of $35.00 / day will be due & payable immediately. If employment continues thereafter, a further “Placement Fee” according to our current “Services & Fees” schedule will also be due and payable immediately.

Temporary Care : TLC Tender Loving Care :

Our temp care program provides hourly care for families needing a sitter / caregiver for daytime / evening / weekend sitting, or for emergency care in the Oakville , Mississauga & Burlington areas for up to a maximum 6 – 7hours . However, we have a limited supply of sitters and thus they are placed on a first come, first served basis. TLC Placement Bookings are also used for Group Functions: weddings, family reunions. conferences etc.

TLC Rates : $20 – $23 / hr. + HST if applicable, inclusive of our Agency Fee , depending time of day , number & ages of children or the health condition of seniors etc. Cheques are made payable to the Agency and given to the sitter upon completion , OR paid in advance by e-transfer to the Agency in certain circumstances such as Group Functions. There is no HST payable for childcare of children under the age of 14 years.Receipts are issued yearly by the Agency for Child Tax Credit purposes.

For further information, please call (905) 849-6520.

News/Upcoming Events


Childcare $11.54/hr.

Eldercare $13.91/hr.

Wages for caregivers on a work permit are now based on


for the region of the province in which they work.


Check : ESDC Website

At Camp CanAqua in Halliburton
June 16 – 18, 2017.

Au Pairs on Cultural Exchange placements are another option to meet your childcare needs!